Since 1986 , what we call the natural meat toys plant for dogs began operations. With three very clear objectives, to diversify markets, create jobs and export our products.

Objectives already achieved, currently being one of the largest plants of its kind in the country and also among the largest in the world.

The carnaza products produced here comply with the Sanitary Quality Standards of the European Union and the U.S.A. Dog meat products can be natural or basted with flavors such as: BEEF, BACON, CHICKEN, CHEESE, PEANUT, MINT, SMOKE, SMOKED, PORK to name a few. .

These products are intended to satisfy the dog's natural need to chew, strengthening the jaws and keeping the gums and teeth clean.

There are various presentations, we find rolls, knots, cookies, sticks, etc. In addition to adapting ourselves to the needs of your orders and demands. Packaged in different presentations with weights that vary from 20 kg. Up to 3.5 oz.